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Psychometrer Eiji summary:

Eiji is a teenager with bad manners and who loves to fight. However he has a strange power, with the contact of certain objects he can see the memory of these objects. When he finds himself in a dark murder case, he will have to help a beautiful young profiler to find the murderer. Afterwards, she will often ask him to help solve complex cases. A detective manga having greatly tied up investigations. Careful, this manga has images and scenes real violent.

Psychometrer Eiji Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 145 Nov-02-18
Chapter 144 Oct-27-18
Chapter 143 Oct-19-18
Chapter 142 Oct-12-18
Chapter 141 Oct-05-18
Chapter 140 Sep-28-18
Chapter 137 Sep-07-18
Chapter 136 Aug-30-18
Chapter 131 Jul-17-18
chapter 126 Mar-05-18
vol.16 chapter 125 Jan-18-18
vol.11 chapter 88 Dec-24-16
vol.11 chapter 87 Dec-24-16
vol.11 chapter 86 Dec-24-16
vol.11 chapter 85 Dec-24-16
vol.11 chapter 84 Dec-24-16
vol.11 chapter 83 Dec-24-16
vol.11 chapter 82 Dec-24-16
vol.10 chapter 80 Dec-24-16
vol.10 chapter 79 Dec-24-16
vol.10 chapter 78 Dec-24-16
vol.10 chapter 77 Dec-24-16
vol.10 chapter 76 Dec-24-16
vol.10 chapter 75 Dec-24-16
vol.10 chapter 74 Dec-24-16
vol.10 chapter 73 Dec-24-16
vol.9 chapter 72 Dec-24-16
vol.9 chapter 71 Dec-24-16
vol.9 chapter 70 Dec-24-16
vol.9 chapter 69 Dec-24-16
vol.9 chapter 68 Dec-24-16
vol.9 chapter 67 Dec-24-16
vol.9 chapter 66 Dec-24-16
vol.9 chapter 65 Dec-24-16
vol.8 chapter 64 Dec-24-16
vol.8 chapter 63 Dec-24-16
vol.8 chapter 62 Dec-24-16
vol.8 chapter 61 Dec-24-16
vol.8 chapter 60 Dec-24-16
vol.8 chapter 59 Dec-24-16
vol.8 chapter 58 Dec-24-16
vol.8 chapter 57 Dec-24-16
vol.7 chapter 56 Dec-24-16
vol.7 chapter 55 Dec-24-16
vol.7 chapter 54 Dec-24-16
vol.7 chapter 53 Dec-24-16
vol.7 chapter 52 Dec-24-16
vol.7 chapter 51 Dec-24-16
vol.7 chapter 50 Dec-24-16
vol.7 chapter 49 Dec-24-16
vol.6 chapter 48 Dec-24-16
vol.6 chapter 47 Dec-24-16
vol.6 chapter 46 Dec-24-16
vol.6 chapter 45 Dec-24-16
vol.6 chapter 44 Dec-24-16
vol.6 chapter 43 Dec-24-16
vol.6 chapter 42 Dec-24-16
vol.6 chapter 41 Dec-24-16
vol.5 chapter 40 Dec-24-16
vol.5 chapter 39 Dec-24-16
vol.5 chapter 38 Dec-24-16
vol.5 chapter 37 Dec-24-16
vol.5 chapter 36 Dec-24-16
vol.5 chapter 35 Dec-24-16
vol.5 chapter 34 Dec-24-16
vol.5 chapter 33 Dec-24-16
vol.4 chapter 31 Dec-24-16
vol.4 chapter 30 Dec-24-16
vol.4 chapter 29 Dec-24-16
vol.4 chapter 28 Dec-24-16
vol.4 chapter 27 Dec-24-16
vol.4 chapter 26 Dec-24-16
vol.4 chapter 25 Dec-24-16
vol.4 chapter 24 Dec-24-16
vol.4 chapter 23 Dec-24-16
vol.3 chapter 21 Dec-24-16
vol.3 chapter 20 Dec-24-16
vol.3 chapter 19 Dec-24-16
vol.3 chapter 17 Dec-24-16
vol.3 chapter 16 Dec-24-16
vol.3 chapter 15 Dec-24-16
vol.3 chapter 14 Dec-24-16
vol.2 chapter 13 Dec-24-16
vol.2 chapter 12 Dec-24-16
vol.2 chapter 11 Dec-24-16
vol.2 chapter 10 Dec-24-16
vol.2 chapter 9 Dec-24-16
vol.2 chapter 8 Dec-24-16
vol.2 chapter 7 Dec-24-16
vol.2 chapter 6 Dec-24-16
vol.2 chapter 5 Dec-24-16
vol.1 chapter 1 Dec-24-16
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